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Sew along : Suricate bag

To help you to sew the Suricate bag, you will find in this article each step detailed in video.

The Suricate bag comes in two sizes, I sew here the Medium size, shoulder bag shape with yokes on the front.

Find the Suricate bag PDF pattern 👉here and sewing box 👉here.

Have a good look 😊

Step 0 - The preparation

Step 1 - The front face

Step 2 - The zippers

Step 3 - The first zipper

Step 4 - The second zipper

Step 5 - The loops

Step 6 - The outside of the bag

Step 7 - The lining pocket

Step 8 - The lining

Step 9 - The strap

Finally, for that last step which is the preparation of the strap, I invite you to read this blog post 👉 here, in which I detail the possibilities to create an adjustable length strap. 

I hope these videos have helped you in sewing your Suricate bag! If you have any questions, feel free to contact me by email: hello@instinct-couture.fr or directly on Instagram

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