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Jungle Bundle – PDF Patterns

Jungle Bundle is composed of Toucan and Ara Dickey Collar patterns ✨

These two garment are removable collars (dickeys) to wear under a garment to twist an outfit, it can be worn under a sweatshirt, a sweater or even a dress.

Toucan Collar is a basic, it is a shirt collar said « classic », that is to say that it has a pointed shape and rather close points.

While the Ara Collar is more eccentric with its claudine shape and frill (which can be sewn in a contrasting fabric) ✨ It can also be sewn without the ruffle for a smarter effect.
These collars close in the front with three buttons (or snaps for those who would dread buttonholes 🤫)



What's Included

This bundle contains the Toucan and Ara Dickeys Collars Patterns.

You will be able to download a .zip file which contains for each of the patterns :

    • Sewing instructions
    • A4 PDF Pattern
    • A0 PDF Pattern
    • Projector PDF Pattern

    💡 Seam allowances are included in the pattern and are 3/8″  (1 cm) unless otherwise specified.

Size picking

For these collars, only take into account your bust size.
If you are between sizes, take the next size up.


Shopping list

All sizes :

🧵 Toucan

  • 16″ fabric (55″ wide)
  • 6″ lightweight iron on interfacing
  • 3 buttons (Ø ½ »)
  • Matching thread

🧵 Ara

  • 18″ fabric (55″ wide)
  • 6″ lightweight iron on interfacing
  • 3 buttons (Ø ½ »)
  • Matching thread

Fabric Recommendation

These collars are intended to be sewn in a no-stretch fabric such as cotton poplin, but it is also possible to use denim, faux leather (thin)… let your imagination run wild 😁


Sewing level : 2/5

Needed time : 1/5

These collars are accessible to motivated beginners who have already sewn a few garments. By following the instructions, you should create a great collar to spice up your outfits ✨


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